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Based in Summertown, Oxford, Sh.creative is an award-winning creative video production company.

which provides numerous video creating services like: promotional video production, video reel, films and we also create advertising video for any purposes you may need. We make dynamic animated pictures for industries and individuals, who may have a need in really high quality product. Our professional team of editors, producers, writers and cinematographers handles video projects of almost any complexity and genre, from one camera interviews, school filming to big complicated commercial projects, in several filming locations around all over the world.

According your needs, project and budget, we approach all projects individual way for each customer.

Check out our services:

  • Creating video reel
  • Advertising video materials
  • Corporate videos
  • Educational videos
  • Charity video products
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation

Shcreative provides best post-production services by team of talented designers, compositors, animators, VFX supervisors, SFX composers, audio engineers and modelers.

Our team creates video production for public relations companies, non-profitable corporations, and customers in software/hardware development, financial sector, fashion, transport services, health care, consumer services, and all other legal and private identities. We are also experienced in creating video and movies for advertising business, design companies, and commercial small, middle and even big enterprises!

What makes Shcreative one of the most appropriate for your needs video production studios?

Experienced specialists, advanced technologies for filming, 100% reliable and with complete interest in success of your product, Shcreative provides best solutions for all video production and post-production purposes.

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Drama and Documentary

Delivering stories

If you have a story to tell, let us help you deliver it.

To deliver your vision, your idea, your story, you need to work with a whole range of people and disciplines – writers, actors, directors. We can help you to do that.

What do we offer?

As a production company we own all of our filming equipment. We have a studio in Summertown, Oxford with four editing suites. We deliver our own post-production. We work both locally and in London with specialist studios and sound studios.

 What is our experience?

We have a range of experience to offer. From writers, producers and directors to full film-production – including casting and location.

We have an award-winning writer – whose work has been awarded at the Direct Marketing Awards, the British Televison Advertising Awards, D&AD and more recently as a FINALIST at both the Educational Resource Awards, and BETT.

We film with Directors Paul Wilkins, who recently shot with Danny Dyer in Seven Lives, and Raff deGrutolla, Director and Writer of FLIM, with nominated at both Rain Dance film festival and BIFA 2016.

We can work with you to produce both large and small projects.