Film production

2 minute reel for Simon Haynes

This is a cut down two minute film/portfolio of some recent work that I think shows a wide variety of my work.

The reel covers:

Examples of how we work with narrative structure
The reel starts with an Oxford University project which engaged university staff across the globe. From a launch film to more explainer videos, this series of films aimed to engage and help users to access and use an online platform. We worked with Oxford from concept and script development through to filming and creating the website interface.

Next is NexTrust, and this film is a 7 minute report on an electric lorry pilot that launched in 2018 and and finished its trial in early 2019 – I worked with seven key stakeholders both in the UK and Holland to create and deliver this concept.

The National Theatre example is a more graphic based one, using 3D elements in line with the narrative storyboard.

Mixing live film with graphics
Here you will see a few methods where I have mixed graphics with a narrator, with footage and within 3D elements. The clients are 2degrees, Newsquest paper group and Schneider.

3D animated work
I can produce 3D work, I produce after effects 2D projects that look 3D, working with more specialised 3D freelance studios – depending on the concept and brief. Based on bringing product alive, I have included some recent 3D work and CAD/model based work here for you to look at.

2D work
From 3D to 2D, where I demo sites and interfaces. Usually breaking down the original artwork and animating it subtly to make a more fluid journey. Here I have shown the start of a walk through film in conjunction with the above Oxford University project.

2D character animation
Finally, info graphics and animated character films can be a great way of demoing projects and products. This shows one series I made where there were two main characters… the films explained teaching phonics and maths to students at primary level. This was 3 year long production task.

I hope this gives you a flavour of some of the things I could do.
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