A quick explainer film

to explain we make explainer films

sh.creative works on and has produced a wide range of explainer films:

  • Low budget explainers
    Using screen capture software we simply capture and explain a task, share a process or show how to use a web page.
  • Functionality explainers
    We have created website launches, rebuilding websites in vectors to help show how to use the functionality of a site before it has been built.
  • Narrated to camera explainers
    High end green screen narrated productions with motion graphics allow us to show off a little more.
  • Animated and character explainers
    Explainer films can be created with and without narrative. Motion graphics and animation can be the narrative.

Looking to create some explainer films?

We would be really keen to discuss your ideas.

Looking for some more examples of our work?


a 2 min marketing film for KS3 English Secondary using motion graphics and screen capture

Oxford Impact and OWL screen explainer films 

two examples using vector based graphics as a slicker looking alternative to screen capture

HT2Labs learning platform

a series of 1 min films for social marketing and e-marketing using green screen film and motion graphics explainer graphics


we produced 10 x 1 min super low budget explainer brief for Youtube – using a template structure we delivered at 1 hr per film production turn around 

NexTrust – a larger production @ 7 min, this EU explainer film uses a mix of motion graphics, video and explainer graphics



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